Michael Lambert, an artist mainly stationed in the Denver; Metro-area. Also tends to do national work.
If I could take your words, and fill them up with air. We would fly away, and disappear.

Yet remember, this might be the last time you will ever see me.
Goodbye will pass by before you've realized it has been hello.

Everyone knows Something, Nobody knows Everything.
But I want know what you know.

As I sit in my room, I have you on the phone.
I will be there soon.

To party hard after a hard day of work.
...and I would never have it any other way.
But if I had a chance for another try in a different way, I would not change a thing.

I will make you laugh, I will have you cry, You will worry about me as I worry for you, I will be on my knees in a vague disappointment; because of the day I ruined your life just as I saved it.

I will be your bestfriend.

I believe in a lot of things, Aliens, God (or a higher being of some sort), Everything happens for a reason, Everyone has good within them, and that the world is my friend.

I also live in the Mile High, so hence take a guess, I like the occasional being a mile high. Its legal to posses it so hey, why not?
Salvia, is by far better. ("Mikey? You know Mikey? Mike and his herbs!"). I do not however, condone any substance as a lifestyle. End Of Story.

Currently I have many goals in achieve in my life. Amongst these and the most important is the search to find my long lost sister. Someday to have a career. Someday to be a father and a loving husband. And, to have a heart of pure gold.

Until I reach these goals, I am completely content with my current lifestlye.
The guy you'll see hanging out with all his bros at a pool hall, smoking a big fat Cuban cigar and drinking aMike's Hard Limeade on a shooting star.

Lets Go On An Adventure?
Legal Name Michael Andrew Lambert Jr
Birthplace Aurora, Colorado
Birthdate June 1st 1990
Occupation Freelance Artist
Copyright � All Material and their respective owners. Michael Andrew Lambert Jr. 2010